Are you ready to unleash your POTENTIAL, elevate your  LEADERSHIP and increase your INCOME to match your DREAMS?

Learn the CEO Mindset Skills, Business Strategies & the 12 Key Leadership Tools you need to Unleash your Personal Power, Grow a Successful Business and BELIEVE in yourself and your Infinite Possibilities!


Does any of this resonate with you?


You’re a purpose driven women who is seeking time, financial and personal FREEDOM in her business, her mindset, her leadership and her life! You ask yourself: 

What's the 'magic' business strategy that will work for me? 



You're a female business owner/CEO that wants income and impact, success and balance yet you feel uncertain, unsure and the growth 'struggle' seems real! 

You're ready to show up and be the Leader you want to BE!



You're talented, skilled, provide value and impact and are 100% ready to kick your 'Imposter Syndrome' to the curb. You envision feeling EMPOWERED, ENGAGED, COMMITTED and BOLD.

You know you're capable of so much more and with a little help you will have it all.


You want to Master your Mindset, Show Up as the CEO and Build a Business you love waking up to each and every day - all on your terms!! 


Can you imagine how you would feel if YOU:

  • Had¬†SUPPORT¬†& PARTNERSHIP¬†from a sought-after,¬†experienced Leadership Coach and Success Mentor who knows how to help YOU:
  • Had a toolbox full of tools & actions that helped you custom¬†DESIGN¬†the¬†business, career & the life that you love;
  • Had strong BELIEF in yourself and knew the tricks to stop¬†playing small;
  • Understood what is means to have¬†deep AWARENESS and CLARITY of what you want and why and;
  • EMBODIED¬†the leadership characteristics you need to SUCCEED!

I am thrilled to invite you to 

Girl in a jacket
A program designed specifically for women who want SUCCESS AND HAPPINESS.


Where you will: Create results in your life, build the business/career of your dreams & learn to master your mindset to be the leader of YOU!



I want you to know that you are not alone!

When we decide to make change and create different results in our life & our business, often we struggle with our limiting beliefs and the 'Noisy Roommate’ in our head. She will tell you all the reasons why you can’t have what you want. Or that you're not really good enough or worthy to WANT MORE!!

We're going to kick your ‚ÄėNoisy Roommate‚Äô to the curb!
She is no longer going to be the voice you listen to most!

In LEGACY, The Leadership Experience, we're going to give you a toolbox full of Leadership Tools that will allow you to GROW, EXPAND and:

  • Create a Business Success Blueprint
  • Know what you want & set impactful ‚ÄėGrowth Goals‚Äô
  • Have clarity on your purpose and trust in your talents
  • Make change through your habits and say goodbye to your fears
  • Gain freedom to BE YOU, build inner leadership first
  • Build a foundation and create strategy to soar
  • Get the leadership support and coaching you deserve to excel
  • Develop your genius and practice your skills
  • Grow into the impactful leader you desire to BE
  • Build relationships with others striving for MORE
  • Build lifelong friendships with women who¬†CARE

Why is LEGACY, The Leadership Experience right for you?

As an ambitious woman, you will be getting a unique, comprehensive 360 degree Business Leadership Program that focuses on supporting and mentoring YOU! 

Helping you step into the GREATEST version of you that is smashing success both personally and professionally! 

Leadership is not just about managing a team. 

The tools we give you will help you lead beautifully in all areas of your life (which is really what's important right?!?), along with your business, your money, your family, your health, your relationships, and most importantly YOURSELF!

Our program focuses on providing women FREEDOM! 

Freedom to BE authentically YOU in every leadership encounter you have. 
Personal Freedom, Financial Freedom and Time Freedom.

This is a program for women who want to grow their income, pursue their passions, develop their leadership, make an impact , leave a LEGACY and create a life and business that is fully designed and manifested on her terms. No more living on autopilot!


We believe life is too short not to pursue what you want and live by design as opposed to default.

The women in this program know they are made for MORE and they are 100% ready to 'roll up their sleeves' and start taking the responsibility to go get it!!

I am thrilled that you have found LEGACY, The Leadership Experience where Leadership, Mindset and Growing Your Income are our full focus!

Becoming a part of the Academy means that you will now have me as Your Leadership Coach and Mindset Mentor and I'm truly honored and grateful to hold this role for you.

After a celebrated career in Leadership and Human Resources I fully understand what it means to be a woman in leadership today! We have come a long way, yet still have so far to go! I have taken the extensive leadership experience and training I gained in corporate and combined it with my certifications and running my own business and have created a leadership program for women like no other. A program where you are Free To 'BE' You. A program where who you are BEING is as important as what you are DOING.

What truly sets us apart and makes us very unique is equally focusing on who you need to BE along with what you need to DO.

It’s called the BE/DO/HAVE Leadership Model and it’s core to what we teach.

LOVE & BELIEVE in yourself first, LAUNCH & GROW the damn business and income and LIVE the life of your dreams!! This is our motto around here.

As well, the work we do on transforming your mindset is a key differentiator in this Leadership Coaching space. An industry that often focuses on strategy first, inner work - not so much!

The goal for me and the LEGACY Leadership Academy is to help you create and grow a business, mindset & life you LOVE. Also, to give support and guidance in becoming the expanded version of you with your goals achieved!

The work is: to take the necessary steps to build your belief AND your dreams into YOUR new reality. 

If the dream is in you, it is for you!
Your purpose is to pursue it!

When you decide to enrol in Legacy, The Leadership Experience...

You will gain leadership tools in the areas of: 

  • Vision
  • Goals
  • Mindset
  • Habits
  • Commitment
  • Responsibility
  • Courage
  • And much more!

The doors are open!!! We open the Academy & our Signature Leadership Coaching Program only a few times per year.


Time to grow and expand. Time to BE/DO/HAVE. Time to master your mindset and time to create the business & life of your DREAMS!!


By being in this 6-month Transformational Group Coaching Program, each week you will get:

  • Mindset Coaching & Motivation every Monday morning¬†LIVE in the LEGACY Leadership Community¬†- Motivation & Inspiration to support and help you set your intentions at the beginning of each week! Tools to help you embody the Identity of a CEO!
  • Training on 12 necessary, leading edge leadership tools to help you grow your income, succeed in your business & LOVE¬†your life!
  • LIVE weekly Leadership Group Coaching¬† - come prepared with your questions. Nothing is off limits!
  • Membership and Mastermind in a community of ambitious, purpose driven women like no other around - When you jump in fully it is guaranteed to change your business and your life!

LEGACY, The Leadership Experience in 3 phases over 6-months:
Become the DRIVER of your Bus ūüöĆ!!

Phase 1

'Build' The Bus 

  • Your Vision & Clarity
  • Your Growth Goals
  • Your CEO Identity
  • Your Values

Phase 2

'Drive' The Bus

  • Your Success Mindset
  • Your Success Habits
  • Your Commitment
  • Your Choice

Phase 3

'Embody' The NEW Bus

  • Your Integrity
  • Your Courage
  • Your Responsibility
  • Your Relationships

A 3-Phase Approach to SUCCESS! in your Business, Your Leadership/Mindset & Life!

Giving you CLARITY on your purpose, IMPACT in your days, BOUNDARIES in your work and BALANCE that creates happiness in your heart!

Pay in Full - Best Deal



One Payment of $4,000

(Savings of 10%)


Pay in 6 Installments



6 Monthly Payments of $740/mth



What I know for sure is that if YOU follow the teachings, training and coaching and show up and do the work, GROWTH in your Business, your Mindset and your Leadership is guaranteed!! That is my promise to you!

Hi! I'm Julie

I'm thrilled that we found each other and wanted to share a little bit about me!

I am a seasoned leader, mentor and Certified Master Leadership Coach who helps women design a Business, a Career & a Life that she loves! I believe strongly that it is our responsibility to create what we want in life!

If the dream is in you, IT IS FOR YOU! The thoughts were put there for a reason. Your purpose is to pursue it!

Probably my most important roles are mom to 2 of the most amazing kids and wife to my soul mate (yes, I feel like the luckiest girl alive). I’m also a proud Canadian girl who loves living life through experiences and doing anything I can outdoors - even in our Canadian Winters!!

I’m a huge lover of anything to do with leadership, coaching, mentorship and women supporting women! My mantra has always been - when women support women - we MOVE MOUNTAINS!!

Because my passion for helping others is so deep, I decided to start my own Leadership Coaching Business to help as many women as possible learn to love and believe in themselves fully, build generational wealth & legacy, pursue their dreams and be courageous enough to live life by their design!!

At the end of 2019, I made a huge life decision and left my role of Chief Human Resources Officer & a 28 year Corporate Leadership Career. Was this scary - Oh ya! Am I glad I did it! - Hands Down!

I loved parts of my HR career. Every day I got to work with the most amazing teams of heart centered professionals. All striving to create engaging work environments where employees could love what they do, feel valued in their work and make a difference daily! Isn’t that what it is all about? Isn’t that what we all want?

Although I always (well mostly) felt truly valued in my career, for the last few years, before I made the leap, something was pulling at my heart. I had a deep sense that I was meant to be doing something different. My mission was the same, helping women excel and create LEGACY, but the vehicle in how I delivered it needed to change.

NOW, I'm leading a movement where I help women in business and leadership feel authentic to BE themselves in all aspects of their life. Where they can live their life by their DESIGN. Where they 'roll up their sleeves', start the inner work, and learn to grow and expand their business,, their income and themselves!

I support women in coming back HOME to their true, deep happiness!!

The LEGACY Leadership Academy has allowed me to 10X the impact I make for women. I now have the complete freedom to create a safe, soulful, magical environment where women get to:

  • Determine what they WANT in business & life and gain clarity on their PURPOSE
  • Learn how to become the LEADER in their life and their business. Having true deep CONFIDENCE
  • Be authentic - truly Free To 'BE‚Äô
  • Rediscover true HAPPINESS and JOY
  • Truly know and FEEL that they are never alone

The joy of my life’s work, both in Corporate and as an Entrepreneur, is supporting women just like you. Ambitious women with vision and dreams. Discovering the road map, already inside you, to realize your goals, your purpose, YOUR LEGACY.

The transformation mindset work is what sets me apart in the Leadership Coaching Industry. An industry that often just focuses on strategy first, inner work - not so much!

The work is: to take the necessary steps to build your belief AND your dreams into YOUR new reality.

Remember if the dream is in you, it is for you! Your purpose is to pursue it!

This work is life changing and very important. Being a partner with you in it is never underestimated by me and is truly an honor!

Are you Wondering - Is This Leadership Work For You?

Honestly, I completely get it. Joining a program such as this and rolling up your sleeves to make change and create success takes time and is not for everyone…. And that’s totally ok. Truthfully I want to help you make sure you see yourself in this work before you make this important decision

Here are some points to mull over…

This Leadership Coaching Program is for the woman that is:

  • Serious about making change and creating success in her Income, Mindset, Leadership and Business and/or Career
  • Ready to roll up her sleeves and go after her ‚ÄėMORE/NEXT STEPS‚Äô
  • Willing to partner with a strong Leadership Coach & Mentor that will hold her accountable to her goals
  • Present & Ready to invest in herself and her dreams
  • Ambitious & Driven and wants to lead with CONFIDENCE in all areas of her life!

 This Leadership Coaching Program is NOT for the woman that is:

  • Looking for a quick ‚Äėfix‚Äô and unwilling to ‚Äėgo inside‚Äô for the answers - the truth of this work is:¬†¬†SUCCESS¬†is not external to you
  • Not interested in learning & collaborating with other ‚Äėlike minded‚Äô women
  • Easily distracted & suffers from ‚ÄėShiny Object Syndrome‚Äô - this work requires persistence & consistency - ‚ÄėBlinders On‚Äô
  • Not interested in taking 100% RESPONSIBILITY for her results & success

Here’s WHY you need to BE one of the amazing women inside LEGACY, The Leadership Experience -TODAY!

There has never been a more important time to offer your skills, make the impact you know you can, and find the balance and boundaries that will change your life! The world needs your gifts - NOW!

I want you to take a minute and picture where you will be in 6 months from now……

Now let me ask you this:

Do you honestly believe in your heart that if you keep BEING who you are BEING and you keep DOING what you are DOING, you will end up where you want to go?

How you answer will definitely inform your NEXT STEPS!

“In our world today, we often define our success by the things that we have, rather than the people we BECOME’ ~ Julie Cober 

Don’t let that be you! Take the leap with us TODAY.  
REGISTER TODAY & let's get YOUR next steps started!!