Learn the skills, strategies & tools you need to:

BE the Leader, DO the Action Plan and;
HAVE the Success of your Dreams!


WELCOME to The 'L' Lounge!


“In our world today, we often define our success by the things that we have, rather than the people we BECOME’

~ Julie Cober


You’re a business leader

and you want to succeed. You’re excited and scared all wrapped into one. You’re feeling a little shaky, unsure and sometimes alone.

Believe me this is common but if unchecked can become a problem.

So often, I see very common mistakes made in the early days of a new business &/or next level leadership role.  Guess what? - It's completely normal and there is 100% something you can do about it. 



you have the support of a seasoned Leadership Coach & Success Mentor that has:

→ Been in your shoes
→ Has your back
→ Understands how you feel
→ Knows what it takes to succeed
→ Is an expert at navigating change
→ Guides you to strive every step of the way
→ Will show you the ropes to build the success of your dreams



The 'L'Lounge

A monthly membership where purpose driven female entrepreneurs & leaders create LEGACY, through partnering exclusively with a Master Leadership Coach & Success Mentor mapping out their road to more money, more clients, more alignment, more balance, more success and most importantly more

The 'L' Lounge is unique because:

All members have direct access to ME, a very experienced, highly sought after, Certified Business Leadership Coach, Mindset Strategist & Success Mentor that would normally cost thousands of dollars to partner with.

The Community - Be a part of a community of like minded, driven, ambitious, professional women in the same space. Striving for business success and the next level of leadership.

Access to the uniquely designed 360 Degree Leadership approach that I designed exclusively for women allowing them to show up in their business and in their life authentically and with balance and boundaries.

Learn the tenets of Mastering Your Mindset and Building a Entrepreneurial CEO Identity that is a must to succeed. 

Be part of a powerful Community where you can ask questions, learn new tips and ideas and build your confidence as you strive for more.



Here’s how the Membership works:


Here's what you get:

  • Weekly Access to Monday Morning Mindset Training

  • Monthly Live Group Coaching directly with Julie

  •  Monthly Leadership Book Recommendations

  •  Goal Setting Exercises and Workbooks

  • Access to the LEGACY Leadership Academy

  • Access to the extensive LEGACY Leadership Tool Vault

  • Intention Setting directly with Julie via text (if of interest)

  • Access to the unique 360 degree LEGACY Leadership Formula designed exclusively for ambitious, driven women

  • Access to the private 'L' Lounge Facebook Community 

Each month you are a member of The 'L' Lounge Community you will learn, set goals, plan, implement, practice, read and expand into a heart centered leader who owns her business, her leadership, her mindset, her voice and her growth!

The Monthly Schedule

  • Week 1: BE the Leader - Kick off of intention, leadership tool and book

  • Week 2 & 3: DO the Plan - Monthly Leadership Workbook/Action Plan distributed

  •  Week 4: HAVE the Success - Group Coaching - Live or on Replay


    All Month: 

  • Access to Free To BE Leadership Academy & Tool Vault

  •  Interaction in Private FB Community

  • CEO Mindset Training -- every Monday Morning

Focusing on one Leadership Tool a month that will:

  • Build Confidence

  • Set Aligned Intention

  •  Manifest Purpose, Impact & Income

  • Have you stop Playing Small  

  • Find your Voice & Shine your Light

  •  BE authentically YOU 

  •  Create Happiness, Balance and Boundaries at work and at home that help you LOVE who you are AND what you do!


Are you ready to soar in your Business Leadership? Are you ready to partner with an expert Leadership Coach & Mentor? Are you ready to BE the Leader, DO the Plan & HAVE the Success of your Dreams?

The Monthly Investment in YOU and your Leadership, Business Strategy and Mindset is $97/month!

Easy Monthly Payment



Annual Payment Option





The 'L' Lounge Membership


I created this Membership to meet YOU where you're at!

For women who are striving to get to the next level in their business, mindset, and leadership success and want to have access to a powerful support system to succeed.

Your dream success is possible. Joining us in The 'L' Lounge can be an important path to making that happen. 

I have coached, mentored and supported hundreds of amazing women in my career and watched them become incredible leaders in all aspects of their life.

I know the challenges and the ‘quicksand’ in the early days of building your confidence. I can help you navigate what can feel like ‘business landmines’.

I also made this Membership affordable & accessible because I am leading a movement and I want you to be a part of it. I want women to feel authentic in their leadership. I want you to be able to design your success and your life on your terms. I want you to have access to leadership and business strategy that will be certain to help you succeed, however that looks for you.

No obligations, cancel at any time with our Open Door Guarantee….. though I bet you will stay, it’s THAT good!!!


Hi, I'm Julie

I am a Master Leadership Coach & Business Strategist and I’m on a mission. A mission to support and guide thousands of women in coming back home to their true, deep happiness.

I’m leading a movement where women in business leadership can feel authentic to BE themselves. To show up every day on their own terms and design the success & life they know they were meant to live.

I believe strongly that every woman has gifts to share and the world needs her NOW. Women should feel FREE TO BE, and able to build HER unique LEGACY.
I am the CEO of the LEGACY Leadership Academy for Women and we meet you where you're at! 

I support, coach & mentor women to:

→ Excel in their Business and drive increased Income

→ Master their Mindset and 'show up' as the Leader she is

→ Have Balance and Boundaries at home and at work

→ Move through change with ease and grace



No matter what your vision is for your success there are foundational steps and tools you need in your leadership toolbelt to succeed.

I know what they are and I am sharing them with you here. I’ve been in your shoes and I can help you achieve what you want…

I’m excited to share my leadership & business strategy gifts with you……

If you want all the nitty gritty details of my career path, hop on over to LinkedIn to take a look… The ride has been a trip!!


The 'L' Lounge Membership is for you if YOU

Are in the early stages (1-3 years) of building your business

Are ready to earn 5 and 6 figure level income on a consistent basis

Don’t feel like you have the support you need to succeed (aka doing it alone)

Want to partner with a seasoned coach & business/mindset strategist to help you reach your goals

Want a ‘inside’ track to excel and succeed

Are ok hearing the ‘straight goods’ from a place of love and respect

Understand it’s required to ‘roll up your sleeves’ and dig ‘IN’



If you have made it this far,


  • Where do you see yourself in 1 year from NOW?
  • How do you want to grow?
  • Does doing it with a community of like minded, driven entrepreneurial women excite you?

Because 2 things:

  1. You are 100% meant to grow. Always!! We are not meant to remain the same, stuck in what so many call their ‘comfort zone’!
  2. You are not meant to do any of this type of work alone! Get yourself in the ‘right’ rooms with the ‘right’ people. It will change YOUR life!

The ONLY thing standing between YOU and YOUR success is your MINDSET!

NOW is your time to soar!! Let’s climb your Mountain together!